Tecfidera urine tests

Hi - just wondering if people on tec have urine tests done every 3/6 months along with their blood tests? So far I’ve only had blood tests.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Nope, just bloods in the 2 years plus I’ve been on it.

never heard of urine tests for tecfidera.

Yes I do. The MS Nurse requests both and I get them done at the same time at my local hospital. Results appear online within a few hours which I think is really impressive!

Thank you all. Good to know others are just having bloods too. I hadn’t realised some places do both until I read it somewhere the other day.

Your hospital sounds fab Val!

I didn’t know that so many people had both done.

Good idea because as we all know UTIs lead to relapses.

Hi, I was surprised when I got an email that same evening, the day I had the first Tec blood tests to say the results were on my online patient record. Mind you, I didn’t understand any of them except that they all seemed to be within the normal levels. I assumed it was standard practice but maybe not…

It is a very old hospital, and is well known for oncology and its burns unit and there is something comforting about the lovely old buildings that still exist on the site.

I used to have urine tests, but since covid just bloods. I’m impressed you get your results online. I phone up the next day to get mine. If I didn’t phone up I would have no idea as not automatically told here.

I have bloods (and the last couple of times urine) taken at GPs. If the nurse ticks a box the results are available through GPS patient access. Otherwise letter sent to me and GP. I assume if there is anything dramatic my MS Nurse will contact me.