Tecfidera not working for me

I have been on Tecfidera since January.

I had a relapse in May and when I saw my Consultant last week he said that Tecfidera wasn’t working for me.

So he says I should go onto Tysabri. I have to keep on taking the Tec until i get a MRI scan.

I’m disappointed that I have to come off Tec as I feel I have wasted seven months.

Just want to get started now on Tysabri to see if i can gain some control over the ms.

Dear Irons,

That’s bad. Sorry to hear of your relapse but least there is stronger drug to move to and your neuro is being proactive.

Good luck!

well that news is pure balls. sorry to hear that irons.

but try not to look at it as wasted time; you learnt some things from the experience. as vithfari said, one of the things you now know to be true, is that your neurologist is the sort everyone should hope to have.

good luck with the brain photo session; it would be interesting to learn how your next image compares to the previous one. that might give a clearer indication of what tecfidera did or did not do for you.

and then onto the big guns of tysabri. you are still in a good place; moving forwards; fighting the good fight!

the very absolute best of luck!

Thanks Paolo

​I can’t fault my Neurologist and Ms nurse they are really good and nothing is ever a problem.

Like you say it will be interesting to compare the MRI scans. Just a shame I have to come off Tec as it didn’t throw up many side effects with me and I didn’t have to change my routine or diet.

But suppose the Ms journey will continue and I will soon try Tysabri to slow it down.

I hope Tec keeps working well for you Paolo