Tecfidera, high bp and headaches!

Hi I’m just wondering if anyone else has experienced any of these symptoms and/or give me advice.

I’m having problems with headaches, high bp and fatigue. I first started having problems with my bp while I was on Fingolimod

the top number is almost right where it should be but my bottom number is ranging from 90-109, I was to do a 24 hr bp monitor

for my GP but the machine didn’t work properly so I was referred to hospital to get one of their monitors on but when I got there

my bp had settled down so that was that.

I changed from fingolimod to tecfidera in May there and I tolerate it ok just the usual side effects but yet again the bottom

number of my bp is back in the hundreds and six months ago I started getting headaches.

When I saw my neuro and MS nurse I told them about the cluster headaches and the increase in migraines I was having, I have

experienced migraines for around nine years but I’d only have maybe two major ones a year but in the past six months I’m

having at least one migraine a week and my neuro put me on a tablet called lamotrigine to help with the headaches in the hope

my bp would go down as well.

By the time I was up to the full dose my bp had remained high and the headaches/migraines were still occurring if not worse so

I came back off it and by the time this happened it was time for my next three monthly MS appointment and told them that I

came off the tablet and the worsening headaches and my neuro’s response was to wait and see how I go with nothing to help!

I thought my dr being from the field of neurology would have had more of an opinion and treatment plan for the headaches!

My GP has referred me to the hospital again for a bp monitor but in the mean time I’m stuck with these crippling headaches and

I don’t if it’s to down to MS, tecfidera or just plain bad luck!

Thank you for reading, any advice will be greatly appreciated.


i have high blood pressure which predates my use of tecfidera.

consequently, perhaps the bp meds nullify any such side effect caused by tec, but i have not seen an increase in my bp since starting it.

It’s mainly my headaches I’m having problems with they are controlling my day to day life and they’re really getting me down.

might they be symptomatic of your blood pressure?

That’s what I thought at first but I had a whopper of a headache on Friday and got my BP taken in my GPs and it was quite good so there’s that theory out the window!