Tecfidera experience

Hello everyone, I’m starting Tecfidera meds in a week or so and I was wondering if anyone has had a bad experience with them? Good or bad feedback on Tecfidera please. Thanks

hi there, i took tecfedera for 9 months last year and i had no side effects at all,just looked through my tecfedera diary which i still have, but after 9 months didnt feel like it was doing anything for me so im now on ocrevus infusions which involves a lot more needles which was the reason i initialy chose tecfedera,easy option, but im ok withe the needles now.
hope this helps.

Hi, Ive been taking Tecfidera for the last four years. There have been times when I’ve thought it wasn’t helping much, so recently my MS nurse agreed I could take a 3-month Tecfidera ‘holiday’. It was horrible - all my symptoms went downhill and I was back on the Tec within a month. Although my diagnosis is secondary progressive, I’m obviously still capable of relapses.
I don’t like taking the Tecfidera but, until I’m told I can’t have it anymore, I won’t be taking any more ‘holidays’ from it - sometimes it’s not a case of making you feel better, but stopping you from feeling worse, so it is worth it. Hope it all goes well for you.
Best wishes, Janet

I’ve been on Tec since May 2020. I take it with a meal and haven’t had any side effects at all. No stomach problems or flushing which some people get.

Haven’t had any relapses or exacerbation of symptoms since starting it so I assume it is working as it should. I also have blood tests done every three months and they have been stable.

Good luck with it.

Thanks for the replies guys