Tecfidera & Conceiving

Just wondered if anyone had any similar experiences or any advice for me.
I would like to hopefully start to plan for a family but I am on Dimethyl Fumerate (Tecfidera) and my MS is currently very stable. I have taken Capaxone in the past and this DMT has really not worked for me. I am finding it difficult to get the right advice on how to move forward.
Just wondered if anyone has fallen pregnant on Tecfidera and if so were there any adverse effects to baby?
Thank you in advance!

This might help.
Pregnancy | MS Trust

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In the box with your Tecfidera you will find a patient information leaflet. This will give you more definitive information than you receive here. You should also ask your MS Medical team.
Different medications have different “rules” and guidance.
Good luck and wise to be thinking about it.

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Thank you, will definitely have a read through!

Thank you!