team carole

hi peeps


i am so grateful for all the professionals and others who make my life a bit better.

this morning i went to church feeling upset and angry with my family. i chatted to a lady who made me laugh and calmed me down. so she can go on team carole.

my gp is on it and my neuro (yes there are nice ones around)

the trainer at my gym had never met anyone with ms before i joined. he is really interested and helpful.

so he is on team carole.

occupational therapist and physiotherapist are on it too.

the continence advisor is on it for being so easy to talk too, and for not making feel embarassed.

friends who phone me when i'm feeling a bit down and then arrange to meet up for coffee can be on my team.

today started off terribly but thanks to team carole it's got better. even the family who i was so cross with have shown me that they care.

so try getting your own team together. its a bit like fantasy football!

carole xxx

On my team are the lovely people on here, including you Carole who make my day when I feel at a lost as to where to turn.


Will you accept me on yours?




ps: sometimes we need to open our eyes to see what good people we have around us dont we.