TB Vaccinations

Hi All,Just wanted to tell you about this article that I read on BBC1 Teletext news this morning. I;m just wondering what your thoughts on it is plz…

It said ‘An Anti-Tuberculosis Vaccine could prevent Multiple Sclerosis, early research suggests. A Small scale study by researchers from the University of Rome has raised hopes that the disease can be warded off when early symptoms appear.’

Guess its nothing to shout about thou for all of us who actually have it, eh. However, wouldn’t it be fantastic to think that we could all take our kids down to the drs and be able to prevent them from having this poxy damn disease! It mentions the MS Society in it too but dont know if it is one of the reasearch things that they are doin too or if its just a basic comment. who knows eh?ce Even so thou what wonderful thing it would be to properly be able to protect our kids innit. I know that I am thinking ‘decades’ ahead here but its still nice to have hope innit.

God Bless

Anna x

Hi Anna,

This is only a small study among people who have had clinically isolated syndrome (CIS) - i.e. a single MS-like attack.

I don’t think there’s any suggestion it would ever be routinely used in people who have never shown signs or symptoms of MS.

Besides, I’ve had the BCG vaccination…um, it didn’t stop me getting MS! So obviously it’s only another thing aimed at slowing progression - this time the conversion from CIS to clinically confirmed MS.

Could I again draw your attention to the news topics that are regularly covered, right here on this site? There is already an article about this, which might help: http://www.mssociety.org.uk/ms-news/2013/12/tb-vaccine-potential-reduce-ms-activity-investigated.

P.S. I thought the BBC’s Teletext service (Ceefax) ended last year? How and where have you been able to access Teletext news? Or did you just mean the BBC’s online news services?



Hiya Tina,

Ty for your reply hun.

Yes, I do think what you said sounds right hun; after re-reading the article through again.

I live in Wales and I thus far have access to the Teletext via the red button on my TV. I have a digital arial as most ppl do these days but don’t know if this is relevant. I do know that the ‘Teletext’ that I used to access on ‘pick tv’ channel which came up as SKY text but haven’t been able to do so with this for several months now and this seems to have disappeared. Again not sure if this is relevant or not sorry hun.

Ty also for pointing out again tht there were posts on the right hand side of the front page on here. i think i missed and forgot about them as i have the page enlarged on my pc and i think it pushes alot of things off the page then. feel proper muppet now lol

thnx again hun

God Bless, Anna x