Taking the next step towards diagnosis - LP

So it’s been nearly 2 years since I become aware that MS could be a possibility for me.

I had a repeat scan back in May which showed no change to the existing lesions, which is reassuring.

This morning I had a follow up with the Neuro and we’ve decided to go for the LP.

Hes told me if it comes back positive for oligloconal bands he will confirm a diagnosis of MS. If negative, I get the pleasure of seeing him again in 6 months and continuing with the repeat MRIs every 6-12 months.

I don’t want to have MS, but I do want answers and I’m sick of limboland.

LP to be scheduled for mid October - so will hopefully know more shortly thereafter. It is nice to feel like things are moving forward atleast, but I am scared…

Answers are generally better than limbo. Even so, once you’ve heard the words ‘you have MS’, you can never un-hear them. So getting a confirmed diagnosis brings a load of conflicting emotions with it.

The LP itself shouldn’t be too scary. Just make sure you get to lay down after the test for a good couple of hours. Also, drink caffeinated drinks and lots of them. It’s a bit tricky to manage coffee while laying flat, so aim for coke - the fat variety (the sugar helps too) and take a straw with you. The laying down and the coke are to avoid getting what’s often called the ‘headache from hell’. Not everyone gets a post LP headache, even without the coke, and some people get it anyway. But it’s a case of doing it regardless. Just in case.

Don’t be scared. Be honest and admit to fear and nervousness, but try not to be scared. (And if you are anyway, just come back to us and we’ll understand.)


LP happening Friday afternoon! Eeek! I’m not a fan of needles at the best of times - the thought of a large, hollow, needle in my spine give me major creeps!!! Wish me luck!

Be a brave Mudrunner. They’ll numb you up. The equipment and procedure all happens while you’re laid on your side. You won’t be able to see anything scary or unnerving. Remember about laying down for ages in the hospital and again when you get home. Take fat coke with a bendy straw with you.

Good luck, let us know that you’ve survived after!


Good luck Mudrunner, I found the thought of it was much worse than the actual procedure. Stay strong anything is better than Limboland Carole x

Hope all goes well and this helps in you getting a diagnosis, from a fellow resident of Limboland.

Survived the LP! Had to have two doses of anaesthetic, the second deeper one was quite painful, but after that I didn’t feel a thing! Felt quite queasy throughout but that’s just me general reaction to needles and things. Drinking plenty of coke and hopefully I’ll be able to keep the headaches at bay. Thanks all for the advice and support. Results in a couple weeks I guess - will keep you all posted! Thanks again. This forum has been a huge help to me over the past almost 2 years! Xx

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