Take a deep breath

5 days of party up North.

Monday: Travel from Liverpool.

Tuesday. Physio and pub lunch.

Wednesday. Piano teaching and curry building.

Thursday (and I quote from my facebook post)

Up at 6.45, went to the local convenience shop but they didn’t have a variety of easter eggs or any dried fruits for my hot cross bunnies. Waited in for the postman to sign for an empty envelope (???) and had to charge the scooter up. (Complex procedure.) Up to the supermarket to buy what the convenience store inconveniently didn’t have and back home. Totally miscalculated the ingredients for HCBs so had to start again. Made a little easter egg hunt for Rose tomorrow whilst waiting for the second attempt a HCB to rise. Busy day?

Today? Half an hour to get up. I can honestly say that I’ve beaten the beast this week. It’s trying to fight back but I’m boxing clever. Wheelchairs, adapted kitchens and freezers are my best friend.

Have a restful Easter.


You are the Big Lebowski, Steve.

You are “The Dude”.