Hello all,

i am awaiting an appointment with a neurologist, although its not until the start of January 2018. i have been having some ongoing issues which primarily involve the following:

numbness and Tingling in the left side of my face,

Burning and pins and needles in the legs,

tingling sensations down the back of my head and neck

general numbness in my hand.

i have various types of medication from the Gp, but dont seem to have much relief. i am currently on Gabapentin, 3 times a day.

this takes the edge away but still have the pains.

Anyone offer any advice regarding these symptons and medications.

i have been very worried about this. Not knowing what causes such symptons makes it worse. it would be a relief just to know.

many thanks for any advice.


Keep a note of symptoms - what is happening, how much, and when. This is particularly important if the appointment is some time away. When strange stuff is happening, you can’t imagine that you will forget, but you will.

Good luck.