havent been on here for a while , but often read posts , so why is when i read good info and can relate to differnt symptoms , ie numbness pins and needles , freezing limbs ect and mention to my GP i get told oh no thats not your MS !! DRIVES ME CRAZY and if its not what the bloody hell is it …!! x my rant over ,xx

Hi Sue, I think it’s because GPs have very little knowledge or understanding of MS. Do you have an MS nurse that you can contact who can give you better support? Hope you get some help, Teresa xx

Hi Sue

I agree with Teresa, GP’s have very little knowledge of ms, ms nurse or neuro would

be the one to speak to.

Take care


Hi Sue

You are better off chating on here, freezing limbs, chilblanes (freezing feet) etc. This is the place to moan and rant away…Take care, M