Not been diagnosed yet

Hi everyone I’m a 36 year old newbie been searching for a bit for someone to talk to. I have been having different symptoms for a while so went to my GP and she saidy symptoms were pointing to MS so I have neurology appointment next week. symptoms I have been getting are
.pins needles in feet and arms/numbness
. electric like shocks from my feet to my head
.sore eyes ie blood shocked
. uncontrollable bladder
.unsteady on feet
.Constantly tired.
.neck tremors.
. Confused forgetful
These are some of the symptoms I have been getting can anyone tell me of this sounds like MS or not so confused plus not knowing what I have makes it hard to live with thanks for reading Hayley.

Not sure this blog is going to be terribly useful, but was written by the Professor of Neurology at Barts and illustrates how difficult diagnosis can be.
I hope you get the certainty you seek, following the necessary tests.

Am I sure that I have MS? - by Gavin Giovannoni (

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Hi Haley, yes, your symptoms could be MS…but let the neuro do his job. It isnt long till your appointment.

Let us know how it goes.


Thanks so much will let everyone know :slightly_smiling_face: xx