symptoms - stroke ! !

Hello, I have recently discovered this site and am hoping that you can offer some advice ( you seem like a friendly bunch)

i have for a few months been experiencing symptoms which I now feel point to MS. Sorry if this is a bit long winded but please let me have the benefit of your experiences.

Things started at the back end of last year, extreme tiredness, palpitations and unsteadiness.

on Jan 22nd , I began to feel 'strange ’ whilst eating breakfast, stood up and made my way via the wall into the other room. My husband took one look at me, face dropping , heavy arm and rushed me to the hospital.

i was scanned and admitted to the stroke ward , various tests showed reduced strength in right arm, slurred speech but also struggling to find the words that I wanted to say.

diagnosed as stroke and discharged after 2 days with stroke medication .

Extreme tiredness , speech no better, strange blurred vision and muffled but ringing hearing. Shaking thumb in right hand and numb fingers.

8 week review advised ’ no age related degeneration ’ on scan.

12 week review - advised I had not had a stroke! It was Bell’s palsy with unexplained symptoms. All medication stopped.

my stroke consultant added me to his hypnotherapy programme. He hoped this would help with my speech and anxiety. Very unsteady on stairs/ escelators and still very tired. The slightest incline when out and my legs are like lead.

had 4 sessions of hypnotherapy and physical symptoms have not improved. The numbness is now virtually all my right hand and my arm is also starting to go.

i have been to the optician re my eyes , blurry , double, Visio. and been diagnosed with chronic dry eye, I also have a ridiculously dry mouth, no matter how much water I drink it is always the same.

now waking at night with pins and needles in both hands.

i have had a very bad 3 weeks , the tiredness is the worst thing , so I went to see my GP, explained symptoms, she listened and sent me for blood tests ( 7 lots taken not sure what for)

she can not understand how they could treat for stroke for 3 months and then say it’s Bells , my symptoms other than face drop are not Bells . She said once bloods are back she feels I need to see a neurologist but didn’t say why .

I am back with her tomorrow for results, so will see what she says.

As I say sorry for very long waffling post, do any of my symptoms sound familiar or am I way off the mark.

thanks for reading

clare X

hi clare

your symptoms sound a lot like mine were in 2008.

it’s good that you may be seeing a neuro once the GP has your blood results back.

it turned out to be that i had RRMS but that doesn’t mean that you will too.

keep an open mind and see what the neuro thinks.

please don’t get stressed, things move slowly but that’s due to the diagnostic procedure.

carole x

The dryness of your eyes and mouth are a big clue; could be something called Sjogren’s Syndrome; see

Good luck


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