Symptoms & panic attacks

I’m just wondering have any of your symptoms triggered a panic attacks?

hi minnie

it’s more a case of panic attacks triggering symptoms for me.

i understand that the symptoms are scary then you panic, then you get more/worse symptoms.

you should tackle the anxiety, have you told your gp?

mine put me on citalopram which really helped, i have now stopped taking it.

mindfulness meditation is a wonderful way to calm yourself down and manage pain.

you really need to stop this vicious circle.

good luck

carole x

Hi, I`ve had a few panic attacks in the past. The first, I was on my own in town, hobbling with a stick and couldnt park nearer to where I wanted to be. The walking got so bad, I froze and then a panic attacked happened.

I had to get back to my car and sit, doing deep breathing till it subsided. So in that case, the poor mobility caused the attack.

They are horrible…frightening and…you know.

luv pollx

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I don’t always get the quick the quick heartbeats & shakes I’m not even sure if it is a panic attack I get the dizziness/lightheaded nearly Everyday

hi minnie

do you have low blood pressure?

i do and often have dizzy spells especially if i stand up too quickly, look up or look down.

it is called postural hypotension as i found out when regaining consciousness after fainting and banging my head on the quarry tiled floor! lovely paramedics came to rescue me.

carole x

ps it’s a treat to be able to eat a packet of ready salted crisps for medicinal reasons!

Is it MS related or something separate? I haven’t fainted (yet) but I get light headed nearly every day. Why salted crisps ?

hi minnie

when i was pregnant with my 29 yr old, i had low blood pressure so it’s not caused by ms.

most people are told to cut down on salt but my gp told me to have more.

ready salted crisps are an easy way to do that!

my blood tests show that i’m low on sodium so maybe you could ask your gp.

you know what? i even get that about to faint feeling if i turn over suddenly in bed, if i’m not in danger of splitting my scalp, it’s not a bad feeling. head rush anyone?

hope you are feeling more steady today

carole x

Hi! Did you try to have checked your hemoglobin or blood count? You might be needed some iron and more vitamins. Please do