Symptoms of optic-spine MS

I am an 21 old asian adopted to Denmark from Vietnam in southeast of asia.
My symptoms started about 5 years ago with what I thought is atypical optic neurotis, and leave me with pemanent low visual acuity max 6/60 and other problems in vision, the symptoms has been progressive the past years since then, now I am wheelchairuser because of massive mobilityproblem, still with little walk function max 20 meters, can use my arms but the strength is decreasd and between all these obvious problems there is many sensory problems like, neurophatic pain most in L4 region and cevical, lot of tingling and dizzines etc.
But last time the MRI show no lesions on the spine or optic nerve (lesions on brain is not so common in OSMS).
It can be more severe just because of the leisons location so even small lesions can damage fierce, and not nessesarily because the leisions are many or big.
Can lesions be hidden, even it is MS.
Being undiagnosed is really hard for me.

Hi, my 2 lesions hid themselves for 22 years!

I have rare spinal PPMS.


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