symptoms for years but never been to doctor

hi, hope im not offending anyone as ive not actualy been diagnosed with anything but ive had various symptoms for years and never been to see about them. everytime ive ever researched them it always comes up with MS.

started about 7 years ago with a strange sensation in my mid left back like someone poking it with a finger and slight tingling. this has came and went ever since right up unitl the present (now infact). nothing makes it go away.

round about the same time i started getting a pain in my right eye like it was about to explode. again this went away and returns every now and then with the worst being this weekend i was in bed for 24hrs till the pain went away.

a month ago i started getting a spiders web feeling on my face like when you step outside in the morning and it hits you. there was nothing on my face and it lasted for a week and today i got it on my right foot like theres a spider crawling on it but again nothing there.

all these symtoms along with bouts of depression that i just snap out of as though im a different person all on the same day.

33 yo male smoker average weight and resionably healthy.


Maybe a stupid question, but can I ask why you’ve never been to the doctor?

You’re worried enough to scare yourself silly Googling, and even join an MS forum, when you’ve never spoken to the one person who could help you get to the bottom of this.

MS is often the first thing that comes up when you type a load of unexplained symptoms into Google, but that doesn’t mean it’s what you have. There are over 100 other conditions that can have symptoms similar to MS; some are as simple and easily fixable as a vitamin deficiency. So why home in on MS straight away, when you haven’t even been checked for anything more straightforward? MS is the diagnosis when no other explanation is left - not the prime suspect.

It’s often quoted as the most common disabling neurological condition among young adults - all of which is true. BUT it’s still a comparatively rare disease. Only an estimated 1 in 1000 people in the UK overall - slightly higher if you’re in Scotland, but still rare. So volume of hits on Google isn’t a very reliable indicator of how likely it is for anyone to really have it.

I think you do need to get it checked out - I’d say the same about anything that was clearly worrying you to the same extent. But it’s not a foregone conclusion it’s MS, and even if it was, if you’ve already gone seven years with nothing worse happening, it doesn’t point to a particularly aggressive course.