Symptoms causing MS concern

Hello. I am a male, 18 years old, 5’6", 119 pounds, from England. I do not smoke/drink alcohol/take any drugs. I’m writing this at approximately 7am after waking up approximately 2.5 hours ago with worrying symptoms. However, those symptoms are just the latest in a series of symptoms that have been developing over the past months, so below I will give a timeline of pretty much everything that has happened so far: 1. In around August 2018, I started to experience tinnitus in both ears, although it is significantly worse in my right ear. It is constant and GP/ENT have not been able to find a cause or treat it after trying numerous things. I have also noticed other ear symptoms like ear pain, popping and crackling in the ears, etc. but I still have no diagnosis regarding this. 2. Around a month after the tinnitus started, I started to notice double vision, also known as diplopia. Soon after, I started to realise that it was not actually diplopia but polyopia. This means I see multiple ghost images of everything I look at (I have noticed up to 5 ghost images at once). When I say “ghost images” I mean that the duplicate images appear faded around one clear image. After visiting multiple optometrists nothing has been found and no treatment has worked (I’ve tried glasses to correct slight astigmatism and various dry eye drops). The polyopia is “monocular” meaning that it does not go away when I close either eye. Also, the ghost images disappear when looking through a pinhole. This symptom caused my GP to give me an urgent referral to a neurologist in November 2018, but the appointment has still not happened and it is on the 1st of February 2019. I also had an MRI scan on the 17th of December (no contrast, brain only) but have not heard results back yet (however my GP has told me that I would have probably received a call already if anything major was there). 3. Not long after the polyopia started, I had a bad period of about 3-4 days when I felt dizzy and nauseous. I also had heart palpitations, some pain in the chest and arms, and sometimes pins and needles. During this time I called the NHS 111 line which got me an appointment with an out of hours GP. I had my blood pressure taken and soon had a blood test and ECG, but these did not find anything. Most of these symptoms seemed to settle down but I am still noticing chest/arm pain and slight dizziness/nausea on a somewhat frequent basis. 4. Across November/December 2018, I started noticing various other symptoms. One example is that I started to experience a strange sensation in my head whenever waking up (still ongoing). It feels like my brain pulsates briefly, and during this brief pulsation my tinnitus gets louder. Then there is a 5-10 second gap or so and it pulsates again. This goes on for a while with each pulsation getting slightly less intense until the sensation seems to fade away completely (until I next fall asleep and wake up). In addition, I’ve noticed pretty frequent muscle spasms/twitches, strange tingling sensatios across the head, occasional headaches in certain areas of the head rather than large areas of it (often coinciding with the tingling), as well as various other small things that I don’t think are worth mentioning for brevity right now. On a couple of days I have woken up and briefly experienced diplopia, but in a different way than my usual ghost images which I previously described. My eyes were not coordinating correctly for 5-10 seconds or so after waking up until they corrected themselves, and during that 5-10 second period I saw two distinct clear images rather than ghost images. This has happened once or twice so far. 5. Now we get to the most recent symptoms that have ultimately spurred me to make this post. Yesterday (3rd of Jan 2019) I woke up at around 4am, with strange stiffness in the fingers of my right hand. When I closed my eyes to go to sleep again, I noticed my eyes twitching uncontrollably. This quickly subsided and I managed to get to sleep. Then on the next day I woke up again at around the same time (this happened only a matter of hours ago) to a very similar situation. Once again the fingers of my right hand were stiff, and I had uncontrollable eye spasms when trying to get back to sleep. However, this time something else happened too. I quickly realised that my whole body (face, limbs, chest) was shaking uncontrollably. The shaking was quite strong across my whole body. Whilst this was going on I also started to feel nauseous and got pins and needles in both my hands for a short period. After around 20 minutes or so it finally stopped. This prompted me to post on this forum, and I am becoming more and more concerned with the likelihood of having MS or another similar neurological issue. If anyone has any insight to give on my situation then that would be much appreciated because this has been very difficult to go through and I feel somewhat lost right now. Thanks you so much for reading.


please calm yourself down because i find that stress makes all symptoms worse.

your timeline is very thorough, keep it up adding to it as needed.

february seems like years away but it’s only a few weeks off.

with christmas happening during that time, it hasn’t really been such a long wait.

no way can i, or anyone else say if it is ms or another neurological condition.

only a neurologist can do that.

i would strongly advise you to take someone with you who knows you well enough to have seen your symptoms.

this person can prompt you if/when you dry up (you probably will).

s/he can act as another set of ears because you will probably forget what the neuro says.

the anything major that your gp spoke of will be a tumour or something equally nasty.

so the fact that your mri didn’t flag that up is good.

good luck, let us know how you get on.

carole x

Thank you very much for your response. My mother or father will certainly be coming with me to the neurologist appointment.