Symptoms and GP believes it’s MS

Hi all so to tell my story in trimmed down version. I have been having symptoms on and off the past year I had an MRI whilst pregnant non contrast which didn’t show anything told it was migraine even though I hand numbing in my feet etc. fast forward to now… I have burning pains in my hand, my feet and legs hurt and back my bloods are showing inflammation and Vit D is low also I’m anemic but I’m not getting better with medication. I also have this Sharpe burning pain behind my ear shooting to my head. I also for the first time went into anaphylactic shock in March this year (not sure if linked) as to Unkown cause. About 3 weeks ago my vision went in my right eye like I had no control over it’s hard to explain. My GP have referred me again as urgent as my memory is going and I’ve become very clumsy. The question really has anyone struggled for a diagnosis or had no results from an MRI? Sorry just worried and want answers now as I have had everything thrown at me your tired depressed oh you have a baby (this was before baby) stupid as this sounds but for the other things that have happened to me being listened too finally.

Hi, I think that because MS and it’s symptoms are so varied and can look like a myriad of other complex conditions that it can take a very long time to get a solid diagnosis. I once thought I was having a relapse and that did turn out just to be a migraine. It is extremely frustrating. We all want answers and certainty so that we can plan and live our lives, sadly I think that you might need to look at it from another direction. Try to rule out the things that on the balance of probability are not the direct cause. Being tired is 98 % different from MS fatigue. Being depressed is symptomatic in so many conditions yet could be unrelated. Having a baby probably uses 90+ % of your energy and health. When I got frustrated I spoke with a nurse, who by listening was very supportive and helpful. If you have access to a medical professional - great , if not try talking things through with a close friend. I hope you get a bit more clarity soon.


Thank you @Mogace my go is being amazing it’s since my eyesight and the anaphylaxis he’s referred me to neurology.

Hello Kira

I think Mick has given you excellent advice. GPs can’t diagnose MS, even if they suspect your symptoms are neurological. It’s only when you’ve seen a neurologist who thinks you have ‘something’ neurological wrong (maybe MS), and you’ve had more neurological tests that you’ll get an answer.

So in the meantime, try to put fears of MS out of your mind and concentrate on your new baby. Eventually the vitamin D supplement and iron tablets will do their magic and you might find you begin to have more energy. Your burning pain should also improve when your vitamin D level increases.

Obviously, some people do struggle to be eventually diagnosed with MS. Some people do have clear MRIs then go on to be diagnosed. But the vast majority of us do have demyelinating lesions showing on initial MRI.

With luck, you’ll get better, thank your lucky stars that you don’t have MS and start to forget these worries.



EXCELLENT reply Mick. I agree with all that. x

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@Ssssue @Crazy_Chick thank you all I know I get what your saying completely my auntie suffered with MS so I know what a hard thing it is to live with with etc. I think the reason for his thinking is because I’ve been on the supplements for ever now, I was like this but not as bad prior pregnancy and now my eye sight is affected I have seen the eye specialist already and I’m having to see them again in 2 months as he has said it has gotten worse since I went 3 weeks prior. I have a neurologist appointment next week which is good as I have seen a number of people in different departments as one point they thought lupus as well. I really do get on as normal as I have my beautiful baby so I try not to focus on it too muchi think I just needed some answers which thank you So Much all of you :blush: