Switching from copaxone to Gilenya / fingolimod

Any positives on the benefits of Gilenya over copaxone ? I’m in a mess cognitively and physically after over two years on copaxone . Any help would be great , now getting left arm weakness as well as my legs giving up !

hi gaz

you will be very closely monitored whilst starting on an oral DMD.

i take tecfidera and i’ll be seeing my ms nurse for the 2nd time in the last 4 months.

look on it as a positive thing because these drugs have a better rate of reducing relapses.

take care

carole x

I’ve gone from active in work in December to housebound now , waiting for work o/h to assess me then jobless I guess x

hello gaz

i can kind of understand how you are feeling

i have also gone from active to becoming housebound now can i suggest that you try to keep your mind active

not easy i know but it really does help to focus on something else other than constantly thinking i have ms

i read lots watch telly lots and txt lots

good luck


Its tricky isnt it especially when your memory and minds puddled , sooo much debt too x