Just after some advice on current DMD’s. Im currently on Betaferon,and have had a light hit in April (2 weeks before my wedding!!),basically making my legs very very tired,although could still walk reasonably well. Its the first hit since December 13 (lost total use of right side),when i was on Copaxone, but was soon put onto Betaferon in January 14.

Saw my consultant for first time in 18 months last week,and wants to view new blood test,but she did say they may wish to change my drug again?, on looking at current DMD’s,the one that sounds interesting is Gilenya,an oral drug taken daily. whats people’s opinion of this drug?,or whats currently working for other members on this forum?.

Thanks Lee…

Hi Lee :slight_smile:

Do you think the fact that it was 2 weeks before one of the stressiest moments in anyone’s life could have lead to you relapsing?

Oops why anon?? MontyMole