switching between Tecfidera to Kesimpta

Hello Everybody,
I have been on tecfidera for 5 years, I have been having randomly hot flushes one or twice a week and very rarely I had stomach cramp ( this depend on what I have eaten)
Last week I had a chat with my MS nurse and my consultant and they have introduced me to this new medication called Kesimpta.
This medication seems having a better compliance however, I am a bit scared to change with the Kesimpta.
Has any of you in this community done the switched from Tecfidera to Kesimpta? how has it been?
Thank you very much for your replies.

I currently take Tecfidera but the side effects have never fully settled for me either so would love to hear how you get on. Afraid I can’t offer any comparison advice though as only ever had this DMT.

Were there any other reasons they suggested switching? Seems a bit drastic perhaps if it’s only occasional flushing and stomach pain that you have as side effects.

Lets say that the side effect were not pleasant, Kesimpta compliance is much better

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