Swapping of brands of medications

Good morning all.

I have recently come out in very itchy red spots. Been to docs twice who is not totally sure what can be causing it. He asked me if I had changed any products i use on my skin/ eaten anything different etc etc, (u know, all the normal questions) which i haven’t purely because I am quite an allergic person so stick to what i know wont effect me.

The only thing i have noticed is that pharmacy have changed the brand of pregablin i take from lyrica to accord. Im wondering if anyone else has had this effect when a brand of medication they use has been changed. The tablets don’t look a lot different, just a slightly different shade of red. I don’t want to make a fuss to pharmacy incase it turns out to be unrelated but i am quickly running out of ideas and sanity.

Don :slight_smile:

mention it to your doctor next time you go.

it is confusing to an ms addled brain anyway!

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My gp has recently changed, he is good but doesn’t quite understand me like my very good long term gp who unfortunately left.

My old gp had said to me when on previous occasions of strange rashes/ reactions that it was my own immune systems reaction to change. He said it doesn’t always react in the same way because of the ms. Ive not really ever heard anyone else say that apart from him. I wasn’t sure if he just said it to make me stop stressing about it. I stress a lot about unknown things that are happening to my body.

Hi I would speak to your pharmacist they often have more knowledge of drug reactions than the GP. Sue