Hi hope all as well as can be?

Do any of you know anything about Alzain capsules as I had a letter from my GP saying that they were changing the Pregablin I take for Alzain capsule’s?

Thanks X

my pregablin was changed to lyrica.

lyrica is the manufacturers name so basically it’s the same drug.

is that what happened with yours?

carole x

Hi Carole

Thanks for reply. I have been on Pregablin for several years after neuro took me off Gabapentin.

Today I received a letter saying “In the interest of clinically effective prescribing under current national guidelines we are changing patients from Pregablin to Alzain”.

I guess this will not be the case in all postcodes, but wondered if anyone on here knows anything about this drug?

Thanks x

I think Alzain is pregabalin by another name. Probably cheaper!

Yes, just Googled - the contain pregabalin - nothing to worry about.

The only thing I sometimes find with these forced substitutions is the cheaper variety are sometimes not as easy to swallow, and/or if they’re the kind you’re supposed to be able to split in two, some won’t without splintering.

I think pregabalin are capsules anyway, aren’t they? So shouldn’t be an issue re swallowing or cutting (the latter you can’t anyway).

I had a really awful lot of “cheap” paracetamol the last time - I can barely swallow them. Large, round, very thick tablets - not the capsule-shaped ones to make them easier to swallow, and no shiny finish. They catch in my throat nearly every time. I’m absolutely confident they’re still genuine paracetamol - just a less user-friendly design.


As it was said, it is the same drug, pregabalin, under a different name. If the drug was OK for you before (side effects are tolerable etc), you should be fine.

Hi I also received a letter stating that my pregagabalin to alzain I do believe it just name and cheaper I also heard they were cutting back on this drug

Yes mine has changed to Alzain just the same capsules but they are packaged really badly 7 tablets in a strip that has 10 spaces so 3 empty slots. What a waste of packaging bring back tablets in bottles, also my chemist is having real trouble getting hold of them been back 3 times this month too fulfill a order for 84 tabs .