Should I complain

Hi everyone I took my two tablets of preglabin last night thinking to myself that’s funny they are a different colour ( red and white instead of just white ) but I thought must be a different brand so I took them I said to my wife about them being a different colour she looked at the strip of tablets and they are actually 75mg tablets when I have been taking 25 mg tablets .i don’t know how long I have been taking the wrong dose as there is one strip missing out of the box so potentially I could have been taking it for a week . I normally take three tablets a day (75mg a day ) but if I have been taking the wrong dose for a week I’ve been over dosing (225mg a day ) I haven’t been well this week .But all the other tablets in box are 25 mg ( the chemist always adds two strips to a box to make up the right amount of tablets for me . I’m not sure what to do now should I complain ? Who to ? Sorry for the long post Alan

would say to them , because you dont know who made the mistake it happened to me once and it was the surgery rather than chemist

Yes do complain to the chemist as it must be them who put in the wrong dose of pregabalin. Fancy doing that, you could have overdosed as some msers tend to take what they need rather than what is advised. I would certainly know if I felt iffy that something was wrong and because you havent been feeling well, how do you know it wasnt the pills to blame.

They really must be more careful. Imagine if you were blind and not able to tell the difference. How many times have they done such a thing - its disgusting, you are not a chemist however you are the patient and need someone to trust to be able to put the right pills and doseage into the packet, for its not your responsibility, but theirs.

Ring them tomorrow and ask for an explanation. Good job you noticed, now youll have to wean off the higher dose and go back to your original one if it was ok.

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Just want to say everything that bren has…you cant let this go! I always notice when my tabs change colour or make and check it with the pharmacy. Can`t be too careful.

luv Pollx

Ditto what Bren

You really do need to bring this to pharmacy attention sooner rather than later.

Plus they need to be aware so it doesn’t happen again with anything or anyone else.