Swapping medication

Greetings all.

I am presently working in Canberra but will be returning to the UK soon. I have relapsing remitting MS and have been taking Copaxone for approx 5 years. For some reason, injecting has become increasingly painful and it is leaving large dents in my legs and stomach despite rotating the injection areas as best I can. My Neurologist has suggested that I consider swapping to tablets namely:

  1. Tecfidera

  2. Gilenya

  3. Aubagio (Teriflunomide)

I am nervous about changing medication as I have been acute relapse free for over three years now but I now dread injecting Copaxone and therefore tend to miss days. Does anyone have experience of the above mentioned medications?

I would be interested to hear your thoughts.



P.S. Three weeks ago my 32 year old brother was also diagnosed with MS.

Greeting from the UK Victoria. So sorry to hear your brother has now been diagnosed with this monster. As regards copaxone…I was on it for over 5 years when like you I noticed dents in injection areas. I phoned MS nurses and was told to come off it as it is one of the side effects! I had to have medical photographs taken for the records. I was put immediately on to an interferon, so sorry can’t comment on the drugs you have listed which are more current!! Discuss it in more detail with your MS nurse or neuro. Linda x

Hi Linda. Thanks for responding. I have discussed this with both my Neuro and MS Nurse however there advice conflicts with NICE guidelines. I am particularly interested in Tecifedera however this has yet to be licenced in the UK…so I believe. Australia do seem to be more advanced than the UK re prevention rather than than just treating the symptoms once they appear and my Neurologist takes a particular interest in Vitamin D levels. This was the first thing he tested when I arrived in Oz and my Vit D levels were rock bottom…now they are much better due to taking supplements. Thinking this through as I write I guess it would me stupid to start on a drug here which is unavailable in the UK.