Swallowing problems

Hi hope everyone is as well as can be I am currently having another relapse, this time my swallowing has been effected, been managing with diazapam just about. Was seen in clinic yesterday waiting for referral to speech and language therapy and many other referrals and repeat MRI brain and spine. Tonight the swallowing problem has become much worse, having difficulty in swollowing my saliva feels like it getting stuck and taking three to four swallows to go down same with water, have taken diazapam but still no improvement. Myself and hubby are not quite sure what to do at the moments any suggestions most helpful. Thanks Jannine

this must be v.frightening, try to get your GP to contact speech and language for an urgent assessment of your swallow as sounds v. dangerous

Hi Janine,

Mayebe ask to be refered to a speech therapist’ by your dr, they deal with swallowing problems, and help you manage them too.

jaki xx

Thanks for your email. I now have an ‘explanation’ of what, (I think) is happening to me. The last post about relaxation sounds good to me (in the first instance!) but your post has ‘calmed me down’ - the whole episode was (for me) very confusing and scary - thanks Jannine. :wink: