Surgery soon

I’m due to have a hysterectomy at the end of the month but tonight I have a familiar feeling in my foot which has in the past led to a relapse. Is it ok for the surgery to go-ahead?
Thanks in advance
Jen x

HI Jen,
Sorry, can’t answer your question. Do you have an MS nurse you could ask?

Hope the op goes as well as can be expected.
Take care

Hi Jen
Just wanted to wish you well on your upcoming surgery, I’m sure it will go ahead and you will feel so much better when it’s all over.
I’m going into hospital at the beginning of October to have a hysteroscopy to remove a large fibroid which has been causing me problems for a long time now and the more run down I’ve become, the more my M.S symptoms seem to be playing up. Hopefully we’ll both feel so much better when these surgeries are done and please remember, no lifting or moving anything for 3-4 weeks afterwards. Advice from my sister in law nurse!
Hope all goes well Jen.
Vicky xx

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Thank you both for your replies!