supratentorial Cortical lesions

Hi. I do not have Dawson fingers. What I do have is 10–11 foci located in the supratentorial cortical and periventrical region 4-5 mm in size. Could somebody please translate that for me? Thanks

Hi there Roamingdove, and welcome to the forum.

I’m afraid I can’t translate your scan result for you, but there is, or was, one poster on here, Karen, who understood these things far better than most.

If you haven’t already found it, you can read her thread at the very top of this ‘New diagnosis and Before Diagnosis’ board, or just click on the link I’ve put below. Her user name is RIZZO, her thread 'A brief beginner’s guide to the brain and MRI.

It’s a serious read, and I’m afraid she has now left the forum, so no longer answers questions.

Hope that helps a little,




Thanks Ben. I have read that thread, however I am still unclear if supratentorial cortical lesions are cortical lesions.

Sorry about that Roamingdove.

Maybe another member will come along with the answer, but I suspect you’ll have to wait until you see your consultant.