MRI report

Hi. I have seen a lovely physio today and went through exactly where i was at and where im at now. He also got my scan up. It says I have high signal to left supetior parasagittal cortex. It measures 4mm and was on T2 and axial flair. What does this mean? I am geting more confused. Did a quick google search it kept coming up with meningioma. The consultant didnt seem too worried but my grandma had one so im now panicking. Thanks Katie

Please don’t worry.

Parasagittal just means next to a sagittal sinus. It is not a term that is specific to any condition; it is just a location. Sinuses are spaces inside the skull. The superior sinus runs along the top of the brain from front to back. So the parasagittal cortex is the top of the brain, next to the superior sinus.

If the radiologist and the neuro were unconcerned then there really is no reason to worry.

Karen x

Thankyou that helps. All those words. Does this fit into the Mcdonald criteria lesion locations at all? Or is it not counted? Thanks Katie

If it’s where I think it is, it’s not counted in the latest McDonald criteria. That doesn’t mean that it’s irrelevant though - it shouldn’t be there after all!