Suprapubic catheter drama continues

Supra pubic catheter Drama Continues – In my last blog I told you about the saga of spending time in the A&E department of our local hospital. Finally home after the ordeal, with an Indwelling catheter… I wasn’t very happy as you can well imagine, apart from being in pain I was tired, fed up and hungry and all in all, pretty disappointed to have this indwelling thing back again. But that was just the start of another horrendous few weeks…

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Hi Deborah, great to see you blogging again. Are things better with your sister?

What a bloody drama!!! You must be exhausted and still no end in sight. Really terrible for you.

Hope they get it sorted today and hope you don’t have to go back to hospital.

Thinking of you and fingers firmly crossed that you have a good outcome today.

Pat xx (ps tweeted it).

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Oh dear Deborah, you really have been put through the wringer, I feel for you ((((hugs))))

I hope they can sort it for you asap and without causing more problems for you.

Good blog, as usual, does this mean that things are sorted with your Sister, hope so.

Pam x

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A full bowel will press on the bladder causing obstruction. So do make sure you are ‘regular’ - apparently this means 3 times a day to 3 times a week. As someone with little control of bowels - 6 times a day is my ‘regular’. And that is with me taking Loperamide [imodium] and codeine.

Occasionally, l have to do a ‘bladder washout’ - which is very easy to do - and does just flush out the debris that builds up in the bladder and causes the catheter to block up.

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