Supermarket Ordering: Ocado

Just a moan about the joys of supermarket online ordering: or not…

Prior to coronavirus, once a week my very helpful assistant used to wheel me around Waitrose. Social distancing requirements and a letter telling me to self-isolate for twelve weeks means that this can’t happen. So I tried to order from Ocado; they sell Waitrose food and I have used them a couple of times in the past. Those (un)lovely people at Ocado have told me although they have online slots for shield customers and they know I have been identified as a shield customer, I can’t have a slot because I’m not a regular Ocado customer.

Presumably prior to coronavirus, as a disabled person I shouldn’t have made the effort to go out and shop…

They’re only prioritising their regulars are they! That’s helpful of them.

Hi FlorenceJ, have you signed up to It is a website that allows people willing to help to get in touch with those needing a little help locally to them. It might be worth registering there - there will be people close to you who are very willing to help.

If one positive can be taken away from this godawful mess, it is that a little faith in community has been restored via these kind of websites.

Thanks for the comments and information. I’d never heard of so I’ll give them a go.

They want access to your google account, who the heck are they?

I don’t have a facebook or any other social media account, yet access them normally.

I don’t do social media either!

Good, keep it that way mate