Stuck at home :'-(

I’m so fed up of being stuck at home both my mum and my dad know I can’t walk properly or get anywhere but I’ve heard nothing from either of them :cry:

Have you asked your MS team about mobility scooters / wheelchairs?

Forest x

I spoke to her last week about everything but she said they’re this bad because I had a cold. I’ve had colds before they’ve never made me this bad :frowning:

hi rebecca

infections cause havoc with ms symptoms although UTIs are the usual culprit.

try forest’s suggestion. if you had a mobility scooter you could be independent again.

rough treatment for you hun

have you anyone else you could ask to call round? make it an invitation, provide coffee and cakes and don’t have ms as main topic of conversation.

i contacted friends from way back and quite a few came to visit.

a few have stayed in touch and one or two can be called on when times are tough.

good luck

carole x

I would if I had any. They seem to have vanished along with my career :frowning:

Hello Rebecca

Do you usually have a good relationship with your parents…can you give them a ring and let them know you need some help?

The idea of a mobility scooter sounds good. If your on high rate DLA there is a particular model you can hire from motability.

Is there a local ms group you can join, when your feeling better?..chance to make new friends.

Take care

My mum knows I’m struggling but it’s made no difference :frowning: The ATOS doctor said I was fine because I could do what he asked but took no notice of how difficult or painful it was for me :frowning: I meet with an MS group on the first Friday of the month but that’s all.

I don’t know at what stage you are with benefits. You can appeal but if its way past that then you can put in a fresh claim. Just make sure you get some professional help in filling out the form.

I’m sorry about your mum not responding to you. Maybe try again in a few days.

Take care

Hi Rebecca,

I think you have got yourself stuck in a downward spiral. I am more than aware how depressing it is to be stuck at home with no solution in sight. When I moved to my adapted bungalow I found myself out on the edges of civilization! I came from a bustling suburb where I could get to everything on my mobility scooter to a desolate estate where the nearest post box is nearly a mile away.

It took me a while to get things sorted – but now I’m OK.

The first thing I did was sort out an Access Bus trip. I don’t know what you have in your area but my local bus company runs trips to local supermarkets etc. I didn’t want to just do that – I wanted to go to the library, the bank, etc. It took some jiggling but eventually they sorted out a journey to meet my needs. It’s only a shopping trip but I look forward to it. It gets me out of the house and into the real world.

The next thing I did was find something to join. I’m lucky in that there is lots going on where I live but most places have a book/film club or something like that. I decided to budget for a taxi trip every week to go to these things.

I also volunteer. It’s the best thing in the world to get out and meet other people and to help them if you can. Volunteering is not like work – you don’t have the same pressures and most organizations will bend over backwards to accommodate your needs.

A bit of tough love coming your way ------ don’t be stuck at home waiting for your parents to sort it out. Grab life by the horns and sort something out for yourself. I know its daunting but I promise you will feel soooo much better if you take control and get the other side of your front door.


hi there!

I also know how horrible it is when you are staring at the same surroundings day after day.

So what about trying to get a scooter or electric wheelie, if mobility is poor?

I used Shopmobility before I got my own wheels.

I also use Direct Payments to let me pay for carers to take me out.

If you`d like to know more about that, please ask, yeh?


Hi Rebecca, i know just how you feel. I hate being stuck at home all the time too. My mum does her best but lives 23 miles away and my little sister who is 10, is autistic and needs a lot of care. My dad is ill at the moment too, so he can’t take me out like he normally would. My friends are all too busy with their kids and jobs and stuff. I can’t even go out on the bus cos I can’t walk a mile to the nearest bus stop. Really wish i could offer you some advice, but just wanted to let you know that i sympathise, love Bex xxx