Struggling with walking

Hi Everyone I’m waiting to see a neurologist but my walking is getting worse losing my balance and just finding it more and more difficult walking when did you decide you needed the help of a walking stick to get around I have asked my gp to refer me for physio on my leg as it’s a long waiting list to see the neurologist and I don’t want to leave it till then. Thanks Michelle

Hello Michelle

You may find that the wait to see a physiotherapist is quite long as well, but it’s worth asking for the referral.

As for when to get a walking aid, that’s a very personal decision. If you are having balance problems and would feel safer with a stick, walking pole or a crutch, then there’s nothing stopping you from getting what you need.

With walking sticks though, they need to be the correct height for your frame, so it’s better to be advised by a physio or an occupational therapist. Or you could try a specialist walking stick shop, they’ll generally measure you up and sell you a fairly basic stick. But it’s free if you wait for the NHS!

Hopefully your wait won’t be too long.


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