Struggling walking

Had vertigo for 3 weeks about 6 weeks ago then as soon as that got better I was numb from my waist down that has improved by about 70% but now I can’t stand or walk properly it’s like none of my muscles work to support me don’t know what to do about it will any medication or physio help it’s pretty frightening. Thanks for any advice, Jenny.

Jenny Physio is very likely to help. It will look at your core stability and exercises should help longer term. Regards Neil

What has your GP said? Have you got a MS nurse? If so phone her. Don

Been to see ms nurse today she is going to refer me for physio but she did say the steroids I took about 4 weeks ago will still be in my system and will still be working aswell which I didn’t know so fingers crossed. Jenny.

Physio will definitely help, hopefully you’ll get one who specialises in neurological conditions. Try & do your exercises at home every day, as that will help with your recovery. I saw a physio once who said they could always tell the difference between those who did the exercises in their own time & those who didn’t.


Hi Jenny

I had a relapse like that 5 years ago. I was numb from the waist down and had the dreaded hug. I was totally seized up. I had IV steroids in hospital and they discharged me when I could just walk again. If I had known then what I know now I would’ve asked for physio but I was only just dx …

It took a long while but I did get stronger eventually. The following year my son and I went on holiday to Munich and we walked miles. I was so pleased because I had begun to despair that my legs wouldn’t recover after that big relapse but they did! As long as I paced myself, had a rest whenever I needed to and had my afternoon naps I managed fine so I have every reason to believe that you will make a good recovery too.

Physio is an excellent suggestion. I saw a neuro physio earlier this year (referred myself last June after two relapses last year but there was a very long waiting list). I had been practising yoga to improve my core strength and muscle tone so we just had my balance to work on. I was very surprised at the difference it made just doing 10 mins of exercises each day. She knew exactly what exercises to give me to target my specific needs so I’m glad I stayed on her list. I also find yoga very beneficial.

Don’t give up hope, good luck!

Tracey xx