Stress and anxiety


So glad to hear from you!

I think thats all we can do, but some days are so hard to get through aren’t they? Just take one day at a time. Give yourself a coup!e of goals for that day, and work towards them, that way when you complete one it will feel great.

I’m hoping to get back to work this week, just waiting to hear what I need to do to make it happen, as I’d like to go back part time to begin with while working from home. Fingers crossed.
Don’t mind admitting the back to work thing scares the heck out of me though.

Keep thinking of the positives. I’ll be here if you need to talk.


Hiya -

Hope you managed to get back to work ok?

Thanks so much for your message - it means a lot to me!

I’m still feeling pretty low - the early dark nights don’t help!!

Take care xx


I did thank you. Three mornings this week and was exhausted by friday afternoon. It looks like it could take a little longer than I’d hoped to get back to full time. But it was good to talk (via teams chat) to the others, so much has changed its like I’m starting again.

I went on the pamper day with my aunt and had a great time, also had a few days of lesser symptoms. Now sadly they are back, and I’m feeling the fact ive not done my exercises due to being so tired. So I’ve had a quieter day today, so tomorrow after our flu & covid jabs I will do my exercises.

Have you tried any mindfulness exercises or maybe @Hank_Dogs suggestion of writing a letter to yourself?

It wont be long and the nights will start to get lighter and spring will be springing! In the meantime do you have chance to look up at the sky when its a crisp clear evening or early morning and just breathe in the fresh air and appreciate the quiet time where the world is quiet and its just you and the stars…it always gives me a few moments of clarity and makes my mind stop while i just take it all in.

I really hope i havent bored you with my ramblings, and sorry if i dont make sense, as you know tiredness doesnt help things.

Here if you need to chat.

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Hey Lovely,

Just wondered how things are going - you said you were struggling but I’ve not heard from you since and am a little concerned for you…know what it’s like to feel low.

Just know people are here for you, and if you need to talk drop me message.



Hi Sue,

How are you getting on?

AT x

Hiya AT

Thanks for asking! I’ve been doing really well the last couple of months and looking forward to Christmas.

But did you sense something today - as I’ve had a bit of a set back as I’m struggling to walk as my legs are so stiff? Although it’s cold outside I’m keeping the house warm but heck they’re giving me grief!

Hope all is good with you?

Sue x

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6 Decemberp

Hi Sue,

How are you getting on?

AT x

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Hi Sue
So glad you’ve been doing well!
I am suffering the same stiffness. This colder weather doesnt help us at all.
I’m ok thanks, just taking it a step at a time.
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

AT. x

good to read this thread and hear the positivity and support.(It made me feel less grumpy!)
All the best to everyone.

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Hi Mick,

This is the place to chat and grumble, people here understand and can help.
I know I’ve felt low and really angry about the diagnosis and the people on here have talked and helped me get back up and keep fighting.

Take care of yourself,

AT (aka one Angry Toaster)

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I’ve made it a priority to incorporate relaxation techniques into my daily routine. For me, that means practicing deep breathing exercises, doing some gentle yoga, and a guided meditation from the Calmer app. Taking just a few minutes each day to sit quietly and focus on my breath can make a big difference in calming my mind and reducing feelings of stress and panic.
And I’ve learned to be kind to myself and give myself permission to take things one step at a time. It’s okay to have bad days. I hope some of these suggestions will resonate with others and might help.