Stress and all that goes with it

Hi everyone, hope you are all holding up with Xmas,

I am getting really stressed, not about Xmas as hubby does all the cooking, but our son is in the armed forces and has been for 9 years, but this is the first Xmas that he won’t be home, trying to keep a stiff upper lip but it is hard, don’t know what I will be like on Xmas day when he rings me from his base, then to top it all today I received my P45 in the post, only problem with that is that i have not put in my notice. I am off on the sick and going through the all the paperwork and medicals for ill health retirement but not finished yet. After a number of phone calls it turns out that the head at my school has left at Xmas so she was trying to tie up all loose ends, and sent an email to payroll to say no longer employed.

Can’t get hold of her now till 3rd Jan next year, but will have a few words to say to her, if I could have got hold of her today I would have rung her neck, well in my mind I would have but couldn’t really do that as my hands don’t work that well, but the thought was there. I have managed to put everything on hold till in th new year no thanks to her.

That’s it my rant over, sorry to spoil anyones evening, just needed to get it off my chest,

Merry Xmas to you all and lets hope 2012 has some goods time for us all.

Take care


Hi Kim,

You are right christmas is stressful,i am sorry that your son will not be with you this christmas.

Will it be just your husband and you,or have you any other family members coming.

If you cant do anything about your job till the New Year,put it to the back of your mind till then,and enjoy your chritmas as best you can.

Lots of people come on this site and have a rant,so you are not alone.

Hope you have a nice christmas,and things get better for you in the New Year.

Take Care.


Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply, on the Xmas front we are lucky that we have aa daughter who lives about 4 miles away and she is coming for Xmas diner with her boyfriend so there will be 4 of us so not too bad, then boxng day they are coming round again with our grandson, I know that sound funny, but it is her boyfriends little boy to a previous relationship, but he has been coming to us since he was 14 months old and he is 4 years old now, so we treat him as our grandson, he is a lovely little boy, so happy, it will give me a lift on boxing day to see him opening all his presents.

On the head teacher front I am going to do a you say and try to put it to back of my mind, nothting i can do till new year, so I will try not to let it spoil my Xmas.

Hope you have a lovely Xmas and all the best for the new year.

Take care