Strange symptoms

Hi,I have been having burning feet which has now spread to the left hand,pins needles partial numbness of fingers and numbness feelings in both sides of face,also a shaky feeling in whole body 2 days ago that’s subsided but now got vibrating feelings in both feet,been to drs and was told it was menopausal,went back after face numbness and told it was probably bells palsy but there’s no change in my face but to wait 3 months and go back,this is causing me terrible anxiety I’m sure I have something like ms and I’m just getting to see locums can never get an appointment to see a go that’s known me for years I’m 60 and suffering from extreme tiredness blood tests normal I just don’t know what to do anymore,I can’t believe it’s possible for menopause to cause burning in body parts and numbness tremors and vibrations in feet,I feel every day the symptoms are getting worse I just want to know what’s causing these symptoms.has anyone else had these symptoms? Any advice much appreciated. Sharon

Hello Sharon

You should be aware that there are many, many diagnoses that share symptoms with MS. So while you’ve looked up your symptoms and come up with MS, it is very unlikely that this is the cause.

I’m not suggesting an alternative cause by the way, just that for a large number of people who come to this site worried about symptoms, it’s not MS but something different, maybe menopause, maybe a vitamin deficiency, maybe something else. Hopefully something transient or fixable.

Meanwhile, it’s worth you thinking back to all the symptoms about which you’re worried and write them down, together with the dates they started, any that have improved or stayed with you. Such a diary or timeline will help you to demonstrate to your doctor what you’ve been experiencing.

Best of luck. I do hope you find an answer soon.