Strange symptom

Hi all

Has anyone had the following symptom? I have pins and needles in both legs (no loss of muscle strength or motor problems, so happy to ignore it). After I take my boots off or shoe, I can feel the sensation of still having them on? It settles down after a while. Is this normal? Whatever normal is! Lol

Thanks in advance.

Disregarding the pins and needles, I think tight footwear can leave a temporary normal sensation when taken off. I used to find this when I took off ice skates or roller skates years ago.

There are all kinds of oddities we sometimes have. And generally speaking one persons ‘odd’ can be another persons ‘normal’.

I always used to have the feeling like I was wearing wellies that had eaten my socks (if you know what I mean).

So it could just be as Bob has said, something to do with tightness, or something related to your pins and needles (which sensation is likely to either vanish, or become your new ‘normal’ and you won’t notice it eventually!).