Strange symptom.....

Hi everyone, I want to know if anybody else has had this symptom at all. I have secondary progressive MS. My house has steps going down from the street level and a couple of times I’ve gone to step down and it’s like my brain forgets to tell my leg what to so I’ve been balancing using my stick with my leg stuck out in readiness for the next step but it’s just come to a halt. When this happened I needed extra support from a family member in order to get down the damn steps! I’m due to see my neurologist on Wednesday so should I mention this to him? I also keep losing grip when holding things in my left hand. This morning I dropped a full bowl of bird seed. It went everywhere. Again it’s as if my brain says “let go” or “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do”. Please tell me I’m not going loopy! :frowning:

Well I believe that kind of problem is classic MS…of any type.

Your brain says do so and so

you think you`ve completed the order and no…you havent…

demylination, isnt it?

Yes, you should tell your neuro about these things


Yep, sounds like MS 101 to me and yes, definitely tell your neuro.

I have a similar problem it’s coming down the stairs in the house the bottom of the staircase turns through 90 degrees

When I reach the bottom 2 steps if I have to stop for whatever reason when I go again the second leg doesn’t move and down I go it happend several times I have to concentrate on stepping of the stairs .

I am also very guilty off dropping things wich is getting worse every thing from mobile phone to dishes that’s the ms.

P’s hope your all as good as g

Yes you’ve hit the nail on the head hillybilly. That’s exactly what happens and I have to really concentrate and will my legs to move. It’s really weird haha