Strange reaction to mouthwash! (Patb)

Hi all, this doesn’t sound like much but actually was awful. For the past week I have had terrible time. Really hyper. Unable to sleep until past 3am… And of course the outcome was that I was having fatigue meltdowns and whole body buzzing worse than usual and mood swings. Anyway just feeling very edgy and weird. Had weekly acupuncture yesterday and acupuncturist asked if I’d changed my diet, been drinking too much coffee, etc etc. ‘No nothing’ was my reply. Last night before bed I went to use the mouthwash I’ve been using for a week (dentist told me I have MS related inflamed gums so I thought I’d use mouthwash) and occurred to me that was the only thing I’ve been doing different…have been using it several times a day! Didn’t use it. Slept really well (thank God…) Haven’t used it today and feel so much calmer. Now convinced the mouthwash must have something in it that set off hyper reaction! Am I completely nuts or is it possible? :?: Read ingredients and it reads like a chemical textbook… :o Pat x