stomach trouble


I have a question related to bowel trouble in MS. I know (and have direct experience of) constipation trouble, but can MS also cause the opposite? I’m getting really bad stomach cramps and loose stools , with some urgency. I have had this as long as I have had trouble with constipation, though obviously never at exactly the same time!!

Should I mention this to an MS nurse? Or will she just tell me to go see my GP because it’s completely unrelated?

Thanks very much,

Lion, :slight_smile:

hi lion

i really don’t know the answer to your question.

it could be IBS but if you never had it before it probably is the ms.

my bladder nurse explained how ms affects our bladders. the 2 muscles have to work in perfect synchronisation.

no wonder we get so much fatigue. our poor bodies are trying to carry on as normal but our damaged brains send all the wrong messages.

i’d speak to my ms nurse if i were you.

constipation can sometimes cause stools to be impacted which in turn causes an overflow.

the bowel and bladder clinics are staffed by wonderful nurses who really know their stuff and are really easy to talk to without embarrassment.

hope you get some help soon

carole x

Hi Lion,

There is a tummy bug going round at the minute - I know cause I have it . But do check it out with your MS nurse anyway.


JBK xx

l know if you are constipated for a long time - you get impacted and then - as someone has already said - you will get 'overflow which is very distressing. Colonic lrrigation would help get you completely cleared out so you can ‘start from new’. Start eating golden flax seeds on your breakfast. A bowl of chopped dates/figs/apricots/prunes/ yoghurt and the toasted flaxseeds will keep you more active. Cutting out bread - gluten will help. l know we are told to eat more fibre - but it can do the opposite and bung you up - it can set like concrete in your bowel.

The peristeen irrigation system helps many of us with MS.