Stingy skin around the eyes - due to MS?

This is such a small thing it’s hardly worth mentioning. About nine months ago the skin around my eyes started to feel delicate and stingy. At the time I thought it was due to a change in my meds for anxiety. I didn’t even know I had MS then! Now it occurs to me that this sensation could be due to MS??? I never mentioned it to the neurologist or to the MS nurse because I never even thought it was relevant. What do you guys think?
I guess it doesn’t really matter what is causing it - it is a very minor symptom whatever the cause. I’m just curious.

Oh I just googled stingy and it means I generous. That made me chuckle. I have ungenerous eyes :joy:

Not MS.

I get Blepharitis which does cause irritation not only to the eye lids and eyes but also to the skin slightly beyond the eyelids too. Asked my MS Consultant at my first consultation and told no, absolutely not. Not the same as dry eye, either. See also Seborrhoeic Dermatitis

I believe my condition is because of my MS, I’ve stopped playing sport or vigorous exercise and spend more sitting time indoors and subject to central heating. Perhaps your condition is secondary to your MS in the same way? What do you think?

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I will look up that Blepharitus. I do have some ocular symptoms with MS so it could be related. Thanks for the info.