Steroids and hospital


I am new to this forum and to MS in general after only receiving my diagnosis two weeks ago.

I am in hospital after visiting my GP for a check up - general how am I coping, etc. She noticed my leg spasms in my left leg, which were a new symptom along with my very frequent toilet trips (sorry if TMI)! Anyway to cut a long story short, they thought it was either cauda quina or MS mimicking it, so I was sent to hospital. After an MRI it was discovered that it was my MS and a slight urine infection. My consultant has planned for a neuro review and three days of steroids via IV drip.

The docs have started me on antibiotics for the urine infection and I guess I will start the IV drip today. I would like to ask:

a) whether I can have the drip and antibiotics

b) how did people find the IV steroids? I had steroids orally last time and although tough, they did work.

Many thanks.



Yes, you should be OK with the antibiotics and steroids, but the hospital will be able to give you more information about that. I hope the antibiotics were started slightly in advance of the steroids as they are designed to lower your immune response, so could make the UTI worse if the antibiotics don’t work. Check this out with the hospital staff.

Personally, I always found IV steroids to be better than oral. You still get many of the same side effects (metallic taste, sleeplessness etc) but they do tend, for me at least, to be better at shortening a relapse.

Good luck with it.


Thanks Sue. I am actually at home after being released from hospital - GP was right to query the cauda quina and the MS mimicking it. The neurologist at the hospital doesn’t seem to think my new symptoms are a relapse and has advised me to follow this up with my own neurologist in time or if the symptoms get any worse. She has prescribed me Gabapentin to try and ease the pain, although I did try to explain that although I do have lower back pain, my leg doesn’t actually hurt that much, it is very stiff and wont move in certain directions. Anyway, I guess we see how it goes and I will refer back to my own neuro in time. On the positive, I have been referred for physio, occupational therapy and an MS nurse - there was a VERY helpful neurophysiotherapist on the ward who was brilliant, as well as my GP - who helped calmed my 18 month year old. Thank you for your help (again!) Very best wishes, S