Steroid treatment - what's involved

Hi, can anyone enlighten me to what’s involved in a steroid treatment. If my consultant recommends iv treatment, does this require overnights in hospital or do you just go for a few hours each day and back home at night. I’m guessing there’s also tablet steroids which would suit me better if I have to go down that road. Am I being silly refusing steroids, I don’t fancy the side effects, are they worth the side effects?

The Barts Blog has plenty of information if you use search facility.

Thanks for that, something to study

Thanks for that

the IV steroids are powerful.

they make you feel powerful.

they give you a very dry mouth with a metallic taste so invest in chewing gum, barley sugars and whatever.

they can also lead to psychosis, I had a very mild version of this,

I was an absolute bitch from hell with my husband but luckily he understood.

Roid Rage!