Steroid side effects

Hi, I would be interested to hear people experiences of steroid side effects.

When I took my oral steroids for 5 days, 5 times a day I got more neurological symptoms at that time including numbness in a few areas. I have been trying to conclude if these numb areas were due to the steroids or part of my relapse. I understand steroids hasten the relapse. But do not change the outcome just bring recovery forward. I’m not sure do steroids cause numbness? My neuro is on the fence and says who knows what steroids might do… In the end I think if I’m going to getting that many new symptoms from the steroids what the point unless its major.

hi Helebon

when I was on oral steroids I experienced exactly the same thing - tingling and numbness were even worse than before I started However, it went away as I stopped.

If you look at steroids side effects list, you will see than many of them are the same as MS symptoms.


Hi again,

We’ve talked about this several times, but it’s highly likely the numbness was a “normal” part of your relapse. It’s a very common symptom of MS. I don’t know if it’s ever a steroid side-effect, but if it is, it must be quite a rare one. So in terms of probability alone, my money’s on the MS.

I’ve never taken steroids, but often had numbness, so in my case, there’s absolutely no doubt it was part of my MS, and couldn’t have been caused by steroids.

You are quite right that that the advantages of steroids may not outweigh the disadvantages in all cases. Declining them and waiting for nature to do the work is a perfectly valid choice, as it will not affect the long-term outcome. I agree with you about: “Unless it’s major”. I’ve never said I wouldn’t ever take steroids. But for me, “major” means can’t walk or can’t see. If it stops short of that, and especially if it’s only sensory (numbness, tingling etc.) I’d rather give the steroids a miss. Entirely up to you though.



Hi again. thanks for the feedback, i’ve been looking at the side effects and you are right the side effects iclude symptoms like MS. I think either I was unlucky to get a list of new symptoms as side effects or it was my ms. How do the neurologists distinguish then?

I went for my follow up about 24 days after the start of the steroids and the neurologist put in his report long track signs of hypereflexia and abnormal reflexes, this I understand indicates possible spinal cord involvement. I don’t know how long steroid effects take to resolve. My current neuro is on the fence about some of my symptoms I had when taking the steroids and thinks some may have just been caused by steroids.

I guess it doesn’t matter too much… Its making sure I’m focusing on getting well now thats important.