I have been perescribed a statin because of evidence ofa mini stroke i really don’t want to be on them forever. I’m worried what it might do to the muscles in my legs.

Once you have decided what you want to do you are free to reject them should you wish. Doctors are advisers and as with any advise if you talk to diferent advisers you will get diferent opinions, in the end it is your decision.

Fiona, I think you should talk through relative risks and benefits with your GP if you have concerns about their recommendations for keeping you safe and well.

I am sorry that you have the evidence of a mini stroke to deal with. These things are bound to be a concern, and it can be a help to feel that one fully understands and supports the reasons for any preventative meds or other preventative measures that the doctor recommends.

Good luck with it all.


Hi Fiona,

I discovered that I’d had an assymptomatic stroke when I had an MRI last year. I was very shocked by this - but my GP put me on aspirin. My neurologist said that he thought that I’d had some sort of hypertension crisis (I have had this for 20 years).

I was pretty freaked-out by this news, but it is very important to get your blood pressure under control and to stay as healthy as possible and walk or do gentle exercise every day (if you are able).

I don’t take statins. My GP tried one after the other and we found that they don’t work for me, but I control my LDL cholesterol and triglycerides through diet.

I have to take 4 hypertension medications. At least the damn thing is controlled now! Read as much as you can about hypertension and please talk to your GP again.

Have you had a cholesterol test? It may not be high, but it is important for you to know your levels. If the statin doesn’t work, then try not to worry too much.

best wishes