change of statin

Morning all.

When I got my prescription sheet back from docs, on Monday, there was a note attached, informing me that my simvastatin drug is being changed to atorvastatin. The note explained that my old statin is not now compatable with my other meds.

I was taken aback, as I have been on the same drugs for years.

I did ask the doc to clarify the situation and she just said it was what I should do.

Anyone else had this happen?

luv pollx

Hi Poll,

Not had this personally, but it does seem a bit late, when you’ve been on the same combi for years!

Wonder if this new doc you saw lately has spotted something (else) that had been overlooked by others, or whether there’s been some new guidance issued recently?

Isn’t the purpose of statins to reduce/prevent furring of the arteries? If she’s concerned this might be what you have, perhaps it prompted her to look at what statins you’re on, and any reason they might not be working? Perhaps she then discovered an incompatibility?

It seems an odd coincidence, otherwise, for the switch to have nothing to do with your recent visit… Or had the revised prescription already been written before you saw her about the feet?



Hi Poll, I’m on Atorvastatin (10mg daily)… I tried a couple of the others but they made my legs ache even more than usual. Atorvastatin didn’t.

Someone told me that it’s more expensive than many other statins so not always prescribed… don’t know how true that is.

Hope it works for you ok,

Pat x

Simvastatins were discussed on here recently Poll - lts now found they can cause muscle weakness. My OH has been taking them for a few years [diabetes]. l have been showing him all the info ‘online’ warning people about statins. Thank goodness his GP - has seen the light - and has told OH to cut them out. And gradually he is improving - Of course he will ‘listen’ to his GP - as what l have been telling him for a long time fell on deaf ears. Then ‘what do l know’. But his mobility has improved - So l hope you will soon feel a difference the last thing we need is something that compromises muscle strength.

ps Chicks are in their new ‘Big Birds House’ -

Alas, dear Bruno l had to have put to sleep - about 3weeks ago. Shall never forget this gentle giant of a dog. Two weeks ago l was asked to foster a little border collie belonging to my daughters ex-boyfriend. Poor little chap had been savaged by a malamute [husky type] in Richmond Park in London. His owner jogs through the park to work every day with the collie running alongside- then through central London. Owner is Major in Coldstream Guards. The little dog had to have an op - as the muscle was torn from the bone around his neck. l have been taking him to our vets - and continually bathing the wounds - stitches will come out next week. My other rottie Roxy - has been ‘mothering’ him - and he is not so traumatised now.

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Well all 3 dogs are having a lovely time playing together - and Roxy now has two poor chaps to look after.


Hi Frances. Yeh, I dont start the new statin for a few weeks yet, as they want me to finish the simvastatin.

Oh the stories about your doggies.

I am so sorry you lost Bruno…heartwrenching, I know love.

But how lucky the little ones are to have your love and care. I am sure they will thrive now you are looking after them.

luv Pollx

Hi Pat, Im not aware of the statin causing aching muscles. Probably cos I cant walk, but even so, I suppose the docs know what theyre doing…huh!

luv Pollx

Hi Tina, ta for your in depth reply. You really do try to help, always.

No, the script was written up by my regular gp, not the one i saw on Monday.

That is a big ? for me. Over the years I got my cholesterol down from 6.8 to under 5 by eating a low fat diet. This was before I went on to statins. Since then it has been around the 3.7 mark…very low and good.

So howcome I still get furing arteries? Been googling the subject, of course, another genetic factor…good at those aren`t I?

Mum , aunt and uncles, oh and grandma all had heart/circulation problems. 2 sisters are diabetic…I`ve escaped that gift, so far.

luv Pollx