Nice guidelines.

Hello everyone, at the last visit to the GP, he said that NICE had redrawn the guidelines for the precriotion of statins. Apparently whatever percentage of cholesterol has gone from 10% to 20%. Typically after the recent fasting blood test, I came in at 15% so I “qualified” for a low level of statins-yet more pills. Can anyone enlighten me about this percentage thing? It seems to me that these numbers are just being made up for the sake of it-I can make no sense of the NICE website! Kind regards, Steve.

Hi Steve, id be careful aboput taking statins ive been told they can cause erectil dysfunction, along with other side effects, check them out first. Mac

PS Ive chossen to reduce my cholesterol by diet

Yes, diet is essential. The only processed food we have at home is the odd tin of baked beans. I’m just a bit bothered that because NICE changed the percentage goalposts I’m now deemed enough of a risk to go onto medication. If anything, cooking from scratch is a wonderful way to eat and maintain a healthy balanced diet with food that is delicious. Best wishes, Steve.