Starting on Ocrevus - reassurance needed!!!

I’m starting on Ocrevus in January and am quite nervous. I’m more worried about potential side effects than anything else. I’ve read up on what they say are “common” side effects but they are only 1 in 10. Can anyone give me advice and/or reassurance please?

I want to try and increase my immune system before I start and have started reading up on this. Any advice on this would be very welcome.


I am starting Ocrevus soon too, not sure the exact date, although I have an appointment with the MS nurse end of November to start the process.

Good luck - if I know anything more I will drop a line.


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Hi… nothing much extra I can say except I was put onto Ocrevus, with all the warnings and stuff, and it was a slight anti-climax when it all went smoothly and with no problems at all. I was nervous about it too, but you have the infusion in a hospital surrounded by medical people and they’ll be watching like a hawk for bad reactions etc, and will know what to look out for - so that’s the best place to be! Once they’ve got you set up, nothing else to do… I think I actually went to sleep at one point. Take a good book, and let 'em get on with it! (Oh, a tip would be to check when they want the wee samples - as usual I went to the loo last thing before we set out, only to be asked for a sample as soon as I checked in at the hospital! They had to wait…)


Thank you. That is really reassuring

Hi. I’m starting mine Jan 27th. Not seen an MS nurse yet - waiting to get an appointment. This has all been set up through my Neurologist. I know someone who is on it with no problems at all, they can’t speak highly enough of it. When you read the possible side effects, you tend to imagine the worst. Good luck with yours.

Thank you. Fingers crossed.

Hi I had my first infusion last month no side effects although I didn’t pay enough attention to the fact that my immune system would by really knocked and caught a cough and cold from my grandson it is now my second week of feeling really rough also got nasty eye infection. I am normally very resistant to viruses and they vanish quickly but this time it’s really hit me hard. So following next infusion I will make sure I stay away from potential carriers.

I had my first infusion in June ,having second in December. The first is done in two parts with a two week break in between. The only side effects were itchy head and sleepy feeling during infusion but nothing after. Went really smoothly really. I was told to make sure I had pneumonia vaccine two months before. Good luck, hope it goes well.