Reassurance anyone?

Hello, so I came across this forum whilst searching for support.
I was diagnosed in March after having my first relapse just before Christmas, still getting my head around it all but the consultant is starting me on Ocrevus. I just wondered if anyone could tell me any side affects and more importantly how much it has weakened your immune system. I work as a nurse, currently off on maternity. I told the consultant I was concerned to start this treatment because she told me I would probably catch every cough and cold going But said my health is more important than my career which, I do agree with I just wondered or hoped that someone who has this infusion Could tell me that they don’t catch every illness around and can live normally? Many thanks :slight_smile:

I cannot offer a view on your question - I’m on Tysabri. But I just wanted to commiserate with your dilemma. It is terribly hard, how MS strikes people in the prime of their lives, just when building families, establishing careers and financial security, being active members of their communities. Then along comes MS and a lot of the world we build for ourselves as young adults is thrown up in the air. And MS doesn’t care that a person has done abolutely everything she could to establish a positive and engaged and loving and active life. And all those things will still be OK, and you’ll still be you, but MS does bring difficulties and there’s nothing fair or nice about that. No answers, I’m afraid, but I do really feel for you.

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If it’s any reassurance, I have been using Ocrevus - and although some degree of caution is recommended just after the infusion (about a week until your immune system recovers), after that you can just get on with your life for six months… as much as any of us have been able to these last few months! Good luck with whatever you decide to do.